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How we help you:
  • We provide a detailed scope of work on each job to make bidding fast and easy
  • We can help you create new business
  • We are part of a national network of investors
  • We love to pay our contractors
Submit Your Info

Submit Your Info

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We'll Call You

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You'll Bid a Property

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When approved you will start work

We love to pay as work gets done

Why We're Different...

  • Prompt Earnest Money within 72 hours of offer acceptance shows we can follow contract timelines and means you’re not stressing about whether you did enough due diligence on your buyer!
  • Speedy Inspections translate to fast feedback and fast closings which means your client (and you!) can get paid ON TIME.
  • Clear and Reliable Communication means you know where we’re at, ANYTIME in the transaction so you can have better answers for your client when they’re asking for updates.
  • 15+ years of Real Estate Investing guides our decision making which means stronger offers with the highest likelihood of closing
  • Re-list Opportunities put you in front of more potential listings, which means more branding exposure in a low-inventory market

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